@jayeless That's interesting, and you're likely correct about the subscribing to see in search. I'll have to test it out (see if some of those communities show up now). Thanks for the thoughts on that!

I was a little worried that it might be too complex to have included all that other info - it was mostly trial and error that led me to it. So hopefully someone can get some use out of it. I keep hearing "Lemmy is so hard to use!" - and while it has its quirks, if you're determined, you can sort it out!

@jasonmcfadden Hmm... weird. Mine USED to work and just stopped a few months back. Not just my blog, but other sites that I run, too. This is a hand-coded RSS feed, but it's weird that more than one of my sites just don't register anymore, even after refreshing the feed. I guess I can remove it and add it back (I think I tried that but don't remember).

@jasonmcfadden I'm a bit over halfway done at this point getting all the old stuff recoded. Just have to finish the last half of 2015, then all of 2016-2018. So I'm getting there bit by bit! It's also not as bad as it sounds... I just put on Netflix or YouTube and go at it. :)

@jasonmcfadden Those have a neat design! They look like they'd be comfy, too.

@jasonmcfadden Oh yeah! FFIII was incredible too during it's time! I remember the hype of looking at pictures in a magazine (no Internet) waiting for its release. Good times!

These posts are all old archive post, so I've been re-coding them, but not writing them. I have been posting lately, but I don't think the RSS feed has been pulling them into MB anymore. Not sure what's going on there. I even refreshed the feed last week.

@manton Woo! Those are some sharp looking joycons! I hope you have fun!

@gregmoore Wow! Congrats and keep going!

@jasonmcfadden Yeah. I'm not sure what I was using for microposting - I was self hosted at the time, so I know it was a plug-in of some sort. I think I was getting fed up with Tumblr at the time and was looking for a replacement. I feel WP just isn't made for microposting, which is fair enough.

@jasonmcfadden Those are awesome, especially the Fat Cat icon inside the shoe! I knew they were doing a collab lineup, but didn't catch these shoes!

@permanganate Yikes! Do you feel like it was the Sentinel content doing it? Hopefully, if so, they can fix it in a patch, as you're also hoping. Even on PC, there's just sometimes you don't touch the new content in NMS until it settles down!

@jasonmcfadden Woo! Those are nice looking!

@permanganate How is the Switch version vs. the PC version? I've only ever played on PC, though I heard the Switch port was quite good!

@jasonmcfadden I listen to these, too! Depending on if I want super chill (Girl) or upbeat chill (Boy).

@news Thanks for Web enhancements! I haven't needed to block anyone, and hope I never do, but you can't tell!

@jasonmcfadden I'd like to eventually. But I'm still stuck hard on the fact I didn't finish BotW. I know it's not needed, but I'd still prefer to do it in order!

@KimberlyHirsh Basic account there is free without too many restrictions if all you want to do is poke around at HTML and CSS fun. I pay for webhosting there now, and it's been a good host overall.

@KimberlyHirsh Those were the good days! It's part of why I really enjoy building sites at Neocities. The community there has that old skool vibe!

@jasonmcfadden Glad to hear you're having fun and all is well! I just happened to think about you and wanted to drop a line! Do what you're loving, you can always blog later! šŸŽ®

@jasonmcfadden You've been super quiet lately! I hope that means you're enjoying Tears of the Kingdom! šŸ˜Š

@KimberlyHirsh That's an excellent point, actually. šŸ¤”

@otaviocc That's awesome! I hope you enjoy - you'll have to blog about your experience!

@jtr This is absolutely beautiful!

@manton Glad you enjoyed it! Saw it a few weeks back and I agree! Great fun!

@gregmoore Agreed! Have a restful day!

@news Woo hoo!!! Thank you!

@jasonmcfadden That's pretty scary to me. I'd never use it.

@jasonmcfadden Oh, this looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing - subscribing too!

@manton I know this feeling. I've had a bird feeder out there for about 8-9 months, and today was the first day I've seen a squirrel up in the feeder eating (not to say it wasn't there before, but I just haven't seen it). I had to run it off several times today, and have already ordered one of those squirrel guards for my pole. Should be here in a few days.

@jasonmcfadden Many of the goals are crafting/gathering related, so I'm hoping they won't be as time consuming. Though getting another character through Endwalker (this will be my 5th time through) is going to take a while. :)

Oh, thanks for reminding me of my Animal Crossing island. Gosh, there's so much to do!

@manton That's an awesome kite and a great shot!

@jasonmcfadden Yeah, I'm not a Mac person at all - I've always used PC from the start.

I ended up with an iPhone because it's what my sister and brother-in-law picked up back when we were all just getting into smart phones. I got what they got mostly because back then, it was cheaper to text to another iPhone user for some reason. Not the case anymore, but I think that's where it started.

I also own Samsung Android and Kindle Fire tablets, so I'm not really set on one brand of mobile device. I tend to keep buying iPhones when I do need a replacement because that's where my apps are for phones, though.

@news Awesome! Thank you! :)

@gregmoore Wow! What a looker! :D

@jasonmcfadden Since I use Windows, I've always used something outside of iCloud for this - cable is the best way to move in bulk for sure! I turned off iCloud photos on my phone recently because it kept yelling that I was out of storage and it wanted me to buy more. Nope. I'll just back up my own photos, thanks!

@jasonmcfadden Yes, I watched it. I don't tend to consider game mechanics spoilers - that's more the realm of story, and they didn't show any of that. :)

@jasonmcfadden I'm certainly VERY curious now!

@gregmoore Thank you so much for reading them! I'll try to continue to update as the generations expand (hopefully I'll have time to play that long in)!

@emiabo A FFXIV player here (and outside of FFXIV), but I haven't tried Theatrhythm yet. I've heard so many good things about it, though. I should really try it.

@zorn Ah! Congrats! Perfection, indeed!

@jasonmcfadden Daaaang. You got your money's worth out of this one! :)

@gregmoore Wow, seriously impressive! I bet even more impressive in real life!

@jayeless So far, I've really liked the features and dynamics this new expansion builds between sims and families especially. If you're a family player, this one is for you!

@gregmoore Yes, I miss Hatch so much! Glad to know other folks remember it!

@jasonmcfadden Yes, it's certainly not something free or even hobby tier bloggers can use at this point. Though the plugin itself is free, you have to have the business account to access it. Which was exactly what I figured.

@jasonmcfadden Yes please! No more losing hours of sleep and having to adjust! X<

@jasonmcfadden I expect many piggy pictures when they arrive! :D

@jasonmcfadden That's super cute! Do you have a piggy yet?

@jasonmcfadden This is a lovely pic!

@jean Woah! I bet that was amazing to view IRL! Hard to believe that was a working machine and not something from a steam punk story!

@jasonmcfadden I've owned piggies in the past, and they are much fun! Gotta love the "wheet! wheet! wheet!"

Sadly, can't own small pets now because of my cat.

@jtr Wow! That's awesome - great shot and nice edits!

@numericcitizen Wow, what a neat perspective!

@jasonmcfadden I don't use a backup utility, per say. I just regularly copy stuff over to two external hard drives I own. I should probably pick up a newer drive sometime just for safety sake.

I know doing it manually isn't the most consistent thing, but I've had trouble with third party back up systems, and don't feel comfortable letting a program take a copy my files automatically. I refuse to use OneDrive no matter how much Windows tries to force me to.

I do, however, allow my iPhone to back up to iCloud. I don't buy new phones often, but when I do, it's a very handy thing to have.

@jasonmcfadden I still keep all my photos in folders on my computer and as backups on external drives. I even move photos from my phone and my Switch to folders on my PC. I'm just very, very PC oriented.

@numericcitizen Great start to this series! I boosted the video on Mastodon, hoping more folks will come to understand MB better!

@LazyMoogle Gotcah! WordPress was a part of meeting other gamers for me because I've always been a gaming blogger. So my experience was interconnected.

@jasonmcfadden I'm all over the place when it comes to tech. I build my own PCs (Windows), use an iPhone, own a Samsung Android tablet, and two Kindle Fires. I rarely use the built-in apps on any of my devices with the exception of a few things, but I'm not huge on using mobile devices for something my PC can do. I'm very much PC-centric.

I've moved away from Google as much as possible after a hacking situation last year - I need to blog about it one day. Sadly, my tablet is hooked heavily into Google Play Store for all the apps I own on Android - this was a wake-up about picking up all my apps in one store/account.

@jasonmcfadden Yes! One more month (January) to code and I'll have all of 2019 finished! Three more years to do after that, but I'm over the hump at this point.

@eshwarnag I understand. I'm also keeping a MB separate from my main blog. I'm not sure how blogstatic.io works, so I'm not sure what to tell you about moving it somewhere else. But hooking up the RSS feed to MB to at least alert your followers about your longform blog's updates is a good way to go to start!

@numericcitizen Yes, please keep us updated! I'll be happy to share on Mastodon for sure!

@eshwarnag What do you currently use for blogging?

I'd honestly not suggest someone do something as ambitious as I did (moving from WordPress to static HTML). I'm still re-coding years of blog posts, so it's a BIG project. šŸ˜µ

I have looked at write.as but haven't tried it out - so I can't comment on that. But if you're coming from something like WordPress, I know Micro.blog allows for imports from many sources. That might be something to look into.

@Denny Oops, my typo! I saw 20 years, and for some reason wrote 10. It's been a long week.

So let me try that again - congrats on 20 years!

@eshwarnag Absolutely!

Folks sometimes don't think about how trusting all their content to big social media means that they don't retain ownership if something should happen to their account.

Last year, I moved my main blog to a static HTML site (with lots of backups) because I realized (upon re-discovering backups of old HTML sites I designed in the early 2000s) that I wanted my own copy and control of my sites - my content is important to me!

The Fediverse totally vibes with all this, and I love the old web feel here. Great to meet you, btw!

@Denny Wow, congrats on 10 years! That's no little thing! Like you, I'm hopeful to see where blogging is going and am happy to see the current energy around it.

@manton Thank you so much for reading my post and letting me know you did! I'm very excited about Micro.blog and all that it can do - please keep up the fantastic work. I'll be sure to continue to tell folks about it!

@jasonmcfadden I know there are still lots of people hanging on to Twitter, but I'm not sure for how much longer. Everything about the Fediverse has been a superior experience for me - including M.b!

@LazyMoogle I understand the feeling having come from WordPress and struggling to make connections to other folks strictly through the WP environment. I know they have Reader and comments are supposed to bring people together, but in my experience, I've only met the bloggers I have due to outside platforms, like Twitter or Mastodon.

It's been a big difference connecting on Mastodon (even from Twitter) and now on Micro.blog, which has been built from the ground up around bloggers making connections. I'm even replying to you right now from within my Micro.blog timeline. It's very cool!

@jasonmcfadden There's plenty of topics to find there for certain!

@jasonmcfadden You might find neat things to blog about! :D

@jasonmcfadden Bring back web surfing!! Here's a great site that delves into those ideas - yesterweb.org

Beware of the link directory... you could get lost surfing for hours. links.yesterweb.org

@jayeless Glad to see oldskool Mario Kart still getting love, too. :D

@zorn Niiice! Congrats!

@jayeless That looks like lots of fun!!

@jasonmcfadden Great reflection shot!

@jasonmcfadden Aw, thanks for the boost! :D

@jayeless Thank you! Yes, my main site/blog is hand-coded HTML. And the RSS feed is also hand-coded and manually updated. It's been a lot of fun (and work) to go back to an oldskool approach to my site. I don't regret it one bit! Thank you for visiting! :)

@jasonmcfadden Nah, just the normal {center} tag (but with HTML brackets). Seems like Micro.blog picks up a LOT of HTML formatting, actually. Including the target="_blank" which lets you open links in a new tab (I HTML code all my links since I'm more familiar with it).

@jasonmcfadden I knew I could twist your arm. XD

@manton That's absolutely awful. I didn't use Tweetbot, but I did pick up Ivory for Mastodon, and I'm really enjoying it! So hopefully, Ivory can do something to offset a bit of that.

@jasonmcfadden Oh! You'll have to talk about those premium features when you do!

@jasonmcfadden Yep, this is the way to go and maintain motivation. I have a bunch of small things that would only take an hour here or there to finish (in FFXIV) that have just been sitting on my to-do list for months. So I figured it was time to bring out the big guns - a public goal post! XD

@NullNoMore Having a lot of fun with Harvestella - those dungeons can get lengthy though!

@jasonmcfadden Same. JRPG has always had a positive connotation to me. It just indicated that the origins of the RPG was from Japan (and many of my favorite RPGs are)!

@dmgmt You know what..! As someone who dabbled with MUD creation/writing back in the day, this is JUST what AI would be great at doing. All those room descriptions... @_@ You're brilliant!

@jasonmcfadden I've never played XC1. I only own XCX and XC2 - I played around in XCX a little bit, but didn't get very far into it (I'd have to start over). It sounds like it doesn't matter much where you start, though - stories don't seem to be linked in any order?

@jasonmcfadden I own Chronicles 2 on Switch and Chronicles X on Wii U - so while I have games in the series, not sure where I should start before I pick another one up. But this one had been on my watch list!

@jasonmcfadden It says something good about a game that still delights you even 80 hours in!

@dmgmt That's an interesting way to put AI to work!

@mcornick Hey there and welcome! Hope you enjoy exploring micro.blog!

@weatherhawk This is such a cool idea for a Micro.blog. Welcome and I hope you have fun!

@dotproto Welcome to Micro.blog. Hope you enjoy exploring what you can do here!

@jasonmcfadden Microblogging is fantastic, and I've been a fan of it since I realized it's worth on Tumblr. I've tried, unsuccessfully, to merge the Micro and the Blogging for many years - because though I've used Tumblr for a decade or so, it's really not the platform I want to stay on.

I love the idea that Mb meshes both long for, short form and the Fediverse all together, as you said. There's a LOT of value in what Mb does, I'm just not sure how you and I can yell it from the Net rooftops enough for bloggers more set in the WordPress ways to take notice.

I've yet to write my post, but yours is great! Keep on blogging!

@jasonmcfadden Thanks for the suggestion and review! I think it's super cool that I can pop over to the book's page and put it on my "Want to Read" list! Makes it handy to remember good books I've run across here.

@jasonmcfadden This so much. So many times over, this. :( Maybe when we finally retire?

@dmgmt I'm grappling with this question quite often. I also want my gaming to feel organic and not forced. If I'm forcing myself to put time into something, it's not that different from work. I'm getting better at letting myself explore things and put them down if they just don't check any boxes for me.

@jasonmcfadden I use HowLongToBeat quite often now to determine if I want to try a new game. I'm attempting to prioritize play time towards shorter games I own at this point (at least on Steam) so that I can maybe even finish some in my Backlog. That always inspires me to pick up another! When did gaming become such a math problem? XD

@jasonmcfadden I have considered trying a 1hr/day for gaming, but was worried it would feel more checking off a daily box - plus I have other things that also need that 1 hr (practicing instruments) that I'm already ignoring. XD

I guess I just need to find a way to shoehorn more time somehow! I HAVE, however, tried to dedicate certain evenings to certain systems - like picking up the Switch on Monday night, Game Pass games on Tuesdays. So far, that's spreading out my gaming, but it's keeping me slowly moving forward without making a daily goal.

@jasonmcfadden Wow! I struggle to play short games now days. What's your secret to hanging in there as long as you do?

@gregmoore Thanks so much for checking it out!

@jasonmcfadden I looked at some boomboxes on Amazon too before I made my choice, but can't vouch for the quality of tape players now days. They are out there!

@jasonmcfadden I picked up this cheapie: www.amazon.com/dp/B085RF... Serviceable, does what it should, not the greatest sound in the world. Toss the headphones. But it's nice that you can plug it in via USB and not need batteries.

@jasonmcfadden Actually, it could have been Casey Kasem. I know I listened to him, too. It's been so long and of course I always cut the tape when the DJ started speaking, so I have no clue!

@jasonmcfadden YES! So many DJ voice overs at the beginning or end of songs. It's kinda endearing to hear Rick Dees from the 90s now. :)

@manton Thank you so much for this nice feature!!

@jasonmcfadden I was about the same age in 1990! That's a good song, too! I think I just pressed record on any song that popped up on the radio that I liked, so there's no rhyme or reason to what's on there. :)

@dmgmt Yay for a blog post! I've yet to get into VR anything, but it always sounds like a LOT of fun. Thanks for the review on this!

@gregmoore Yessss! Absolutely!

@news Nice! This is sure to be super handy!

@gregmoore Stay safe with all that ice there!

@dmgmt This is looking great so far - reminds me that I need to do more with my About page. I like the nice clean theme you've picked, too!

@gregmoore This is such a poetic comparison! Love it!

@dmgmt Wow, when do you find time to breathe? Sending you all sorts of luck!

@jasonmcfadden I sadly still need to finish Octopath 1 - it's part of my ever-growing Switch backlog. But I'm excited Octopath 2 is coming soon! Hope to hear your thoughts on it.

@jasonmcfadden It's a great song. Was just testing how YouTube embeds worked (answer: they do).

@jasonmcfadden Wow! Congrats on making the big step forward!

@news THANK YOU!!!! <3

@jasonmcfadden YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!! Now I can draft directly in web! So much joy!

@manton OMG! Thank you! I actually noticed this immediately when I went to draft, then dropped everything to find out where I could send my appreciation.


@jasonmcfadden I agree - if you're giving to a community, you want to take care of it and see it succeed.

@jasonmcfadden Here's where I've posted some of them: aywren.com/2022/09/2...

But I do have more recent Nintendo finds to post. Just need to take the pics!

@manton Thanks for hopping in the conversation! I'd love to see Web improvements, but I know you have lots of important things to do aside from that. Just know that the work in that department for PC users would not be in vain. Thanks for all you do!

@jasonmcfadden I'm looking forward to the web editor improvements, but for now, writing on Word is no different than what I do for my normal HTML blog posts, anyhow. I was just curious if I were the only one who didn't see spell check warnings!

@jasonmcfadden I didn't try Grammarly, but I did install a different spell check plugin for Firefox with no success. It just doesn't seem to understand what to do with the text boxes on M.B for some reason.

@jasonmcfadden Oh, I'm currently writing in Word for pretty much only the spell check capabilities, then pasting it over once I know spelling is correct. I can code in a combination of Markdown and HTML off the cuff without any trouble, but spell check (even on these replies) is a huge wish for me.

@jasonmcfadden Oh, that would be wonderful. Just a few small tweaks to the PC editor (like a spell check) would make it lovely.

@jasonmcfadden Sadly, looks like that's just for Mac, and I'd need something for PC. I wonder if there's an equivalent.

@jasonmcfadden I like that it also seems to accept HTML coding as well as Markdown as that's what I'm more familiar with. The one thing I am missing is a spell checker, though. Do you see a spell check on anything you type into M.b?

@ayjay What a lovely pup!

@jasonmcfadden Yes, absolutely! I really like seeing the devs' work in their own words and being able to encourage, reply and offer thoughts on things, too!

@jasonmcfadden That's good to know! I'm not importing anything, but I have learned that sometimes you have to give M.b a bit of time to catch up to layout tweeks. Never too long, but sometimes there is a delay. Not a problem, though.

@jasonmcfadden I certainly wanted to ever since we started discovering what all it could do. I did have to make some choices to cut spending in other places to support M.b but I think it's worth it. Happy to be here!

@jasonmcfadden I've used the Brave browser and search and found it pretty nice.

@llbbl This is a great idea. I wasn't aware of Ecosia - going to try it now. Thanks for the suggestion!

@manton.org I loved the addition of the Mastodon header - I noticed it was missing right away when I went to view my Micro.blog profile on Mastodon.

I wouldn't mind the option of adding a header for Micro.blog - not sure how that would fit with custom themes, but don't let that stop you from offering an option.

Maybe a toggle for those who want to use it vs. those who do not. Unsure of how difficult that would be. Just brainstorming.

Thanks for all your work!

@jasonmcfadden I have fun with the tweaking business. :)

@jasonmcfadden Congrats! There's always links to fix in this sort of import, but it sounds like you've got a good chunk of it moving!

@jasonmcfadden Awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

@jasonmcfadden I'm figuring it out - though I admit I'm building off an existing theme (Anatole), and figuring out how to customize it. I figured out how to import it from GitHub and mess with it as a custom theme.

@manton Excited to hear this!

@news Tested it and it works! Lovely addition!

@jasonmcfadden Oh wow! That's huge! Congrats to you!

@jasonmcfadden Thank you! I try to set apart the important information that I think people might want to know up front. Glad it works well!

@jasonmcfadden Love all these things too! I really want to keep it, but still trying to figure out how it fits into my stable of websites.

@jasonmcfadden Not really. It's just me looking for a way to follow news accounts on Twitter without using Twitter.

@gregmoore I'm all about Barding. Keep us in the loop on how it goes!

@jasonmcfadden That's a sharp looking bag!

@jean What a nice looking instrument! I looked at parlor guitars before I picked up the Enya, too. The reason I ended up with the Enya (other than the fact I own a matching uke) was because it was on a great Black Friday deal when I bought it! :)

@gregmoore What a cute fellow! Inkomancy sounds like fun. :)

@jasonmcfadden Yep! They make some nice instruments, and all extremely well-priced for the quality.

@jasonmcfadden I've never owned a Paperwhite before, but I've heard great things about them!

@gregmoore Thank you! Itā€™s a smaller travel guitar made of carbon fiber. I also own a matching ukulele made by the same company and do enjoy them!

@jasonmcfadden Oh and, thanks for the info on the text blog feature. I didn't realize we had that here - that's awesome!

@jasonmcfadden Yeah, I didn't want it to copy the entire post over (if it could, unsure about that) from my main blog. I wonder how clean (or not) that would turn out. It might be something to explore one day.

Posts from my main blog will be the one duplicated thing you see between my Masto and Micro accounts - sorry for that!

@jasonmcfadden On a brighter note, it seems that the RSS feed from my main blog to this did its job! Happy days!

@jasonmcfadden Gosh, I really don't know what that alternative could even be! :)

@bookdragon Welcome to you! I'm part to blame that OffFleekGeek is here, I think! XD

@jasonmcfadden Sadly, I don't know another off the top of my head. I do use Playnite - but that's more of an app, and I don't think that it has a web side to it. I just wish Grouvee would update my Steam play times. I've put much more time into my games than what it's recorded!

I have soooooo many Switch games that I haven't added to this site, too. Not to mention Game Pass stuff I'm playing. So I've got a lot of work to do to get this up to speed. :)

@jasonmcfadden So in testing this a bit more (by following my own Masto account to try it out) - it looks like the feed here only sees original content and replies from my Masto account. But you don't see the boosts.

That means that you would see duplicates of my posts here if I chose to auto cross-feed my Micro to my Masto and you follow both.

However, since I think I'm planning on just boosting my content from Micro on my Masto, you wouldn't see a duplicate because you don't see the boosts. That works out better in the long run.

It is a little sad that you don't see boosts, but if you don't mind that, this is still a rocking way to go!

@jasonmcfadden I've had a Grouvee for quite a while, and after your experiment with it, I went in and updated it some today. They certainly have some interesting choices to make it seems, in reading that forum post.

@jasonmcfadden If you find a way to do game databases, let me know. I'd love to implement something like that myself.

@jasonmcfadden Woot! Looking good! I found it super easy to do, too!

@OffFleekGeek I'm super impressed with what all this platform can do. It's got a 30 day free trial, so give it a shot and see if it does what you like. Right now, I'm replying from within the micro.blog dashboard to the comment you made on Mastodon, which I think is amazing!

@jasonmcfadden Masto and Micro! That has a nice ring to it.

@jasonmcfadden I didn't use Goodreads, so I'm just entering my current books manually. I'd already started that with a bookwyrm.social account - but I read books so slowly that it doesn't bother me to keep up with both.

@jasonmcfadden Interesting. I also see it on Mastodon as a toot, which is cool! So that was just a RSS feed from Grouvee that you fed into your MB?

@gregmoore This looks amazing - such a great idea for mini displays!