Things I achieved today - just small things:

  • Fixed Disqus showing on non-post pages
  • Added a Pages page - which includes a category list
  • Tweaked some minor CSS

Things I achieved in tweaking this blog today:

  • Customized a layout to my liking
  • Added search
  • Added stats
  • Added Disqus
  • Added analytics 🔧

Played around with pulling in a theme and customizing it. Happy with the results so far. Have much more to add to it, but got Disqus replies working and messed with the CSS layout.


Thanks to encouragement from my pal Jason, I’ve decided to dip my toe into seeing what the world of could mean for me.

I find it fascinating that it’s both a long and short form blog platform as well as a part of the Fediverse. It can be used as a supplement to something like Mastodon. Or it can stand in for Mastodon and be your full-on gateway to the Fediverse.

How I wish this had existed before I spent so much time in WordPress! This is far more my speed, I think.

I’m not quite sure how I’m going to use this tool just yet, and I’m exploring on the free trial - I’m happy with my Mastodon instance, and don’t mean to replace it. I also have far too much HTML content and time put into moving my blog over to pivot at this point.

I have been aching for a more side-blog platform since I haven’t been using my Tumblr much anymore (though I have this set to crosspost there just out of curiosity). So let me poke around and see what comes of it.

I’ll keep you updated! 📝