Things I achieved in tweaking this blog today:

  • Customized a layout to my liking
  • Added search
  • Added stats
  • Added Disqus
  • Added analytics 🔧


Thanks to encouragement from my pal Jason, I’ve decided to dip my toe into seeing what the world of micro.blog could mean for me.

I find it fascinating that it’s both a long and short form blog platform as well as a part of the Fediverse. It can be used as a supplement to something like Mastodon. Or it can stand in for Mastodon and be your full-on gateway to the Fediverse.

How I wish this had existed before I spent so much time in WordPress! This is far more my speed, I think.

I’m not quite sure how I’m going to use this tool just yet, and I’m exploring on the free trial - I’m happy with my Mastodon instance, and don’t mean to replace it. I also have far too much HTML content and time put into moving my blog Aywren.com over to pivot at this point.

I have been aching for a more side-blog platform since I haven’t been using my Tumblr much anymore (though I have this set to crosspost there just out of curiosity). So let me poke around and see what comes of it.

I’ll keep you updated! 📝